S. Garner

Hello everyone, my name is Sheleen. I want to start by welcoming you to The Freedom Quest! About me... I am a philanthropist, entrepreneur, outdoor enthusiast, and lifetime student of exploration!

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D. VonMason

Hey there, my name is Dee. Thank you for visiting The Freedom Quest! About me... I am a life coach, philanthropist, entrepreneur, author, writer, speaker, and student of mastery!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Freedom Quest...

The Freedom Quest has primarily been designed with a specific intention, and easy navigation to not only exhibit our uniqueness and individuality but to also provide valuable insight for you, through a variety of multiple hundreds of useful topics and subtopics in life's everyday struggles!

We have spent countless hours planning and mapping out a magnitude of tips, pointers, techniques, strategies, and questions that can assist you with identifying, creating, growing & expanding your personal life and entrepreneurial journey to the max! 


Although we had one more idea... just for fun! We have constructed a 52-week mountain challenge for you to attempt to master, as this should spice things up a bit! 

Who will benefit from this website...

The Freedom Quest is for anyone, anywhere, any age, any race, and sex that wants to learn personal and business development strategies, methods, and techniques to develop a healthier and more fulfilled lifestyle!


The information provided within this website allows all individuals the ability to identify, learn, and work on skill-building essentials for everyday life! 


We will not be charging service fees or membership fees, as we believe that personal development should be accessible to everyone, in an easy, fun, educational, informational, and affordable way!

What we plan to achieve...

Our goal is to enable as many people as we can with free access to skill-building techniques, models, methods, suggestions, and strategies that can assist whoever seeks life change within their mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, social, environmental, occupational, and financial personal development!


We strongly believe, that temporarily bandaging people's problems, with motivational techniques that boost willpower... is simply not enough as... WILLPOWER DOES NOT LAST!

Don't believe us? Try attending a seminar, get pumped up, and when it burns out within the week... come back and see us! We will still be here for you!


NO! Instead, we desire to focus on identifying and providing you and others, with personal and business development solutions that last! 

Why we need you to use and share this website...

Now maybe it is a far fetched dream for a couple of people to change the world, well... we like the idea of dreaming big, although, the truth is... we cannot do it alone! This is where you come in... 


We need you to identify, learn, understand, and implement personal development skills in your life and occupation, and then use those skills out in the world, as by doing so, and after a bunch of time and people's willingness, the world can start to become a better place for everyone, and more importantly... the next generation to come!

Here is a question for you... If you had a website, dream, or business going on, wouldn't you want people to support and help you?