Building Rapport

When it comes to sales, selling is the highest paid profession in the world but only if you are good at it! It is not about understanding the best script to say or the way a product or service is presented, it is about the connection and communication between you and your prospect/customer! The typical salesman or saleswoman will start with something like this... Hi, my name is, I am from XYZ company, let me tell you about our product or service and its great benefits and it is important that you buy now because of the deal we have for you today! This is pushy sales and everyone HATES IT! Traditionally only 10% of the time is spent on establishing and building rapport and it has been that way for over 100 years now! Are you aware that the average salesman or saleswoman in Canada earns an entry-level wage of just $42,000 per year and in the United States an average of $35,757 per year! It is because of the way they are selling! The truth is... the old sales model is dead and trust is dead! The way of selling has changed dramatically in just the past 5 years and the 7 figure incomers know it, and if you are involved with sales... it's time you get aboard the new ship! So if you are still trying to sell by way of the script...STOP IT! Start connecting with your prospects on a deeper level, that allows you to identify what they're going through, their pain points and most of all... What they truly desire! They will tell you what sells!


After the initial and traditional 10% of rapport as indicated above is established, the sad truth is only 10% of listening is practiced and that is because traditionally and habitually, we spend 45% of the time thinking about what to say next when someone is talking, and 45% of the time looking for the gap to cut in and speak, which only leaves 10% acknowledgment of what they are saying and only 3% retainment of what was said! When you engage in a conversation with a prospect/customer, you should try to establish a 2-way dialog and ask them what their pain points are, how it's affecting them and more importantly...what will happen if they do nothing about it! The definition of the dialog is a written or spoken conversational exchange between two or more people or a literary and theatrical form that depicts such an exchange. When you create a 2-way dialog, you are then questioning and empowering the prospect/customer, by implementing 100% focus on enabling the prospect/customer by way of self-persuasion techniques, therefore... and as a result... you will become the TRUSTED AUTHORITY! From here it is up to you, to identify if they even have a problem in the first place, before trying to give them your presentation because ultimately, there is no point to your presentation, if what you are selling or offering cannot provide a solution or help them in the way they need most!


When it comes to presentation, traditionally 30% of the salesman or saleswoman's focus is applied to this section of sales! It is also the one section of sales, that allows a salesperson, to progress to the final stage of the sales process or will stop the salesperson in their tracks whether the presentation is finished or not! A sales presentation should only be given, if what the prospect/customer has told you, matches up with what you have to sell or provide and more importantly if it will be beneficial to them and in their best interest... for the long run! When it comes to sales, try and disconnect yourself from thinking about the sale and sales process and truly listen to what the client is telling you because your job as a salesman or saleswoman, is to find problems and give solutions! We can guarantee, that if you try to keep shoving the traditional methods of sales down peoples throats, you will keep having the same results and that old familiar feeling of going back to the drawing board, will be closing in on you ever so quickly!

Making The Sale

Now, the part we have all been waiting for! Traditional sales models are constructed by 10% building rapport, 10% of listening, 30% of the presentation, and 50% focus on making the sale (AKA...The close)! This is the old sales model that 100's of millions of people are still using today (the year 2020) and it still works but just barely! This new model of sales is advanced weaponry to add to your arsenal of skills! It is done by focusing 90% of your skill, to targeted sales techniques, such as structuralizing an engagement process through questioning and listening, then followed by only 5% on the presentation and finally, only focusing 5% of the sales techniques you have, to the agreement process (never say contract) formally and traditionally known as the close or deal conclusion! When thinking about questions to ask your potential prospects/customers, always start with the what's, when's, why's, where's, who's and how's, as these are all engaging question starters and will assist you with creating the 2-way, self-persuasion, dialog engagement process technique! Our final comment here and critical suggestion for you... is that you always remember to do a follow-up with your customers/clients, from days, weeks, or even up to months after their purchase from you. This will set you miles apart from your competition and give you the cutting edge you need to increase the chances of acquiring repeat customer/client purchases and more importantly... Will provide unprecedented customer service to your client/customer and increase the chances of them telling others about how awesome you are to deal with!